Right Click Tools for MECM (SCCM)

You can do a lot of tasks with MECM, but the one thing that MECM doesn’t have are some good device management remote actions. MECM has got client notification that allows you to perform client actions on a collection or on a single device, but still the amount of actions and feedback of these actions are not really that great. I have been using an other great MECM 3rd party tool called RECAST Right Click Tools (RCT) and it is available as a free version or a payed Enterprise version. Off course the Enterprise version has got more actions/tools available but still the free version really makes the life of a system administrator or it support employee much easier.

In this post I will show you how to install and configure the Right Click Tools Free version and will show you some of the great actions you can perform after installing the RCT.


  • Windows Operating System
  • ASP.net 4.7 or higher
  • Functional ConfigMgr Client


First you will need to download the latest version of the RECAST Right Click Tools. You can do this by going to the website of RECAST and scroll down to the bottom and request for a download link in your mail.

After filling in and sending the form you will receive a download link in you email.

Installing Right Click Tools

You can install the RCT on any system that has got the MECM console installed. Copy the downloaded RCT msi on the system where you want to install it and then close all the open MECM consoles. Start the msi by double click or right click and select Install. The installer will begin and then select Next.

On the next screen select the Recast RCT Community edition and click Next.

Click Install.
(So the first 30 days you will have the Recast RCT Enterprise functions, after the 30 days these functions will no longer be available.)

Click Finish.

Configuring Right Click Tools

If you want to change settings on the Right Click Tools you can configure recast RCT.

Click the start menu and open the Configure Recast RCT.

A few settings that you should check or uncheck:


  • Uncheck Automatically Check for updates.
  • Uncheck Ping Computer before Running Tools.
  • Uncheck Use FQDN instead of name when connecting to computers if for some reason FQDN isn’t resolvable.
  • Uncheck Collect analytics data

Interactive Command Prompt

In order to use the interactive command prompt you need to download PsExec and set the local path to the PsExec file.

On the Interactive Command Prompt tab, click Download.

Click Download PsTools and save the PSTools.zip

Extract the PSTools.zip and browse to the PsExec.exe

Click Save.

Now when using the Interactive Command Prompt, Agree with the EULA

Now you are connected with the command prompt of the remote computer.

Right Click Tools Actions

An overview of the device management tools and actions that you can perform with recast free version can be found on the website of Recast.

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