Great tool to change MECM content path locations

Just a tip for a really useful tool. Our storage department was planning a storage migration so the content share used for applications, packages, etc in MECM (SCCM) changed. We already used a cname to point to the content share for a lot of objects but not for all of them. So I was looking for a tool to change content paths to the correct cname share in MECM.

This tool does the job! I can really recommend it!

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Right Click Tools for MECM (SCCM)

You can do a lot of tasks with MECM, but the one thing that MECM doesn’t have are some good device management remote actions. MECM has got client notification that allows you to perform client actions on a collection or on a single device, but still the amount of actions and feedback of these actions are not really that great. I have been using an other great MECM 3rd party tool called RECAST Right Click Tools (RCT) and it is available as a free version or a payed Enterprise version. Off course the Enterprise version has got more actions/tools available but still the free version really makes the life of a system administrator or it support employee much easier.

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