I am a system administrator

Hello, my name is Remy Kuster. I am a System Administrator working at the Radboud University located in the great city Nijmegen in the Netherlands. My work area is (Modern) Workplace and everything that surrounds it.

I started working as a Helpdesk support engineer at the it support department of the faculty of management in december 2005. Starting doing basic support for students, employees and teachers and some system administrator tasks. Soon I got the feeling that system administrator was the thing I wanted to do. So after a few years I got a job as a system administrator at the it department called UCI.

Now the department is called the Information and Library Services, I work in the team called Platforms with system administrators that managed different it devices. Like workplaces, servers, storage devcies, etc. My specialty is Workplace management, we give IT support to all the faculties and supporting services of the university. We maintain around 5000 + workstations, about 1000 workstations are student computers in student rooms and the others are employee computers, this can be desktops or laptops. We also support mac devices.

I love my job as a system administrator because our work is never done. Information technologies change all the time, and so do we as system administrators. We have to learn every day and find new solutions to give our customers the best support when they need resources to do their work the best they can.

A few years ago we started using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly known as SCCM), I got certified and I love working with it. We are currently implementing Intune to be able to deploy our new modern workplace. I want to share my knowledge of config manager and intune modern workplace with the community and also share the things I encounter as a system administrator. This to help other sys admin colleagues.

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