Fix 7-zip vulnerability help file

A vulnerability was found in 7-Zip 21.07 that can be exploited through the 7-Zip Help file. This post will show how to remediate this vulnerability by deleting the 7-zip.chm file. In this post I will show you 2 ways you can accomplish this:
With a MECM (SCCM) configuration item deployment and with Intune script. In this post I will remediate the 7-zip (all versions) 64 bits version with MECM, and only the 21.07 (32 and 64 bits) version with Intune.

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Set custom Teams backgrounds with Powershell

I got a request at work that it would be nice if users already have got some of the companies custom teams background that they can select as their background in a meeting. They wouldn’t have to upload the images themselves but they would already be in teams to select. It also should be easy to add new custom backgrounds if needed. So I made a powershell script with a colleague of mine that would do this. In this post I will show you how this script works and you can use it yourself.

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Check if a device is NOT a member of a specific group

With this PowerShell script you can check if a device is NOT a member of a specific group. A colleague and I created this script because our AD computers should be a member of 1 out of 3 AD groups. If the device is not member of one of these groups certain group policy’s wont be loaded and some thing won’t work properly. With the results of this script we know that devices have to be added to a AD group to function properly.

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PowerShell Active Directory Module on Windows 10

The PowerShell active directory module allows you to do the following things:

  • Manage and automate standard domain-related tasks
  • Check domain user Active Directory attributes and group memberships on the users workstation, if installed on users workstation (described in this post)
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