Start menu not working: Critical Error

After installing the Cumulative Update KB4570333 released the 8th of September (W10 1809) we got some calls from users that the start menu didn’t work anymore. There also was a Critical Error shown when clicking the start menu button. In this post I will show you how to fix this error.

On the 16th of September Microsoft released the following Cumulative Update Preview: KB4577069. After installing this update and restarting the computer the start menu functioned like it should again and the Critical Error was gone!

The only thing that has to be done is to deploy the update KB4577069 to all the workstations. You can do this with MECM Software Update Point, with a stand alone WSUS or you can also download the MSU file and distribute the MSU with command (wusa.exe c:\Temp\nameofmsu.msu /quiet /norestart). I will show you how to deploy the update with MECM SUP.

Software Update Point

Because the update KB4577069 isn’t yet available in WSUS we can import the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog in WSUS and then start the sync in MECM in order to be able to deploy the update with MECM.

Log into the server with the WSUS role installed on it and start WSUS with run as administrator.

On the right side click on Import Updates and the Microsoft Update Catalog will be opened.

Now search for KB4577069 and Add the version you want to deploy.

Now click on view basket.

Click on the import button on the right side.

If the import fails like the screenshot below.

Add the following regkey and restart the server:



Now do the same steps again from starting WSUS and import the update. The error is gone!

Now open the MECM console and go to: \Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\All Software Updates.

Right click All Software Updates and select Synchronize Software Updates.

Click Yes.

After a few minutes the update will be available in your All software updates search result:

You can now deploy this update to the desired devices.

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