Admin managed Office add-ins not shown

Sometimes it can happen that admin managed assigned add-ins are not shown in the 365 apps. Even though the requirements for deploying admin managed add-ins are all there. I had this issue on my Personal device but some employees on managed devices also had this issue. The add-ins were available when trying to add them in the 365 web versions of the apps but not in the local 365 apps. The message that appears when having this issue can be different. In this post I will show you the error you can get but also the solution that will fix this issue.


After the add-ins were correctly assigned some of the employees on managed devices got the message below:
No add-ins currently available. But when trying to add add-ins in the Web app, it all worked fine. So there wasn’t an assignment or requirement issue.

But we also got complaints that on personal devices in the Office 365 apps when connected with the correct work account this message appeared: Cannot connect to catalog

I tried a lot of things on the personal and managed devices:

  • Signed out of the office apps
  • Uninstalled the 365 apps with the uninstall tool
  • Removed accounts in the windows credential manager
  • Cleared the Office cache

Nothing worked. :0(

The thing that immediately fixed the issue was removing a current user regkey:




Or this notification with the admin managed add-ins:

If someone has macOS version  Ventura 13.2.1 and the 365 apps version 16.71 then there is the above problem.

This is known to Microsoft.

The solution at this point is to uninstall the 365 apps that can be done with this tool:


Then install an older version 16.69 of the 365 apps:

Update history for Office for Mac – Office release notes | Microsoft Learn

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