Teams Outlook add-in missing after uninstall Classic Teams

Last week we were getting reports from employees that the Teams add-in in Outlook suddenly disappeared. After some research we discovered this happened because the Classic Teams was uninstalled automatically in the background by the Microsoft policy. These employees already were working with Teams 2.0. There are a few ways to get the Outlook add-in working again. In this post I will show how you can fix this, form a manual action to running a script.

Manual solution

First close the Teams and Outlook apps.

In Windows go to:

Settings -> Apps -> Installed apps

Typ in the searchbar: Teams

Click on the 3 dots of the app:

Microsoft Teams Meeting
Add-in for Microsoft Office

Choose Modify.

Leave the setting on Repair and select Finish and then Close.

Start Outlook again and make an appointment.  The Teams add-in should be available again.

PowerShell script

Off course you can also use this PowerShell script so users can fix it much easier by making it available as an application for users in software center or the company portal. You can download the script from my GitHub:

Be aware that this application should run in the users context and this script closes Teams and outlook and starts the apps again. The script also creates a txt file so you can create the detection method based on it.

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